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My Personal Message To You

I pray that your visit to this, your website, will prove to be a helpful, educational and empowering experience that will justify the investment of your time.

As I was one of those who assisted in identifying the Savings & Loan Crisis in the late 1980’s, when the Mortgage Crisis became public in late 2008, I realized there were many similarities shared by these two events.

I began researching in detail the factual and provable evidence existing in my own March, 2008 home mortgage refinance transaction.

What I discovered was emotionally devastating and breathtaking.  I found over 900 individual instances of laws that had been broken and fraud was rampant throughout.   Six different entities all claim simultaneous ownership of my mortgage.  The conclusion was, I would have made 30 years of mortgage payments and I never would have been able to receive a legal and clear deed to my property with a properly paid in full promissory note.

I had been made an involuntarily indentured servant and was a renter, not a purchaser.

I, with the help of other wonderful and giving Americans, have invested a grueling full time effort from late 2008 to present researching and attempting, to the best of our ability and based on known facts present in my situation, to develop as clear and concise an understanding of what has happened to most, if not all, homeowners in our Country.

After interviewing thousands of folks in the last six years who have unknowingly found themselves in a position of family, personal and financial devastation, I believe I have learned a few important lessons.

Most realize that something is drastically wrong but don’t truly realize how heinous and far reaching this engineered destruction actually goes and how terribly you, as a homeowner, have been mislead and taken advantage of.

In my opinion, this mortgage crisis is the most significant, destructive and all-encompassing threat we currently face as Americans.

I realized soon after I began down this road, that this effort was a spiritual war on behalf of every victimized homeowner in our Country.  From that early realization, this effort has not been and is not currently about me alone.

This fight is about All of Us.  Some of Us just don’t realize it yet!

My prayer is that You will personally decide to join me in this effort to stem the tidal wave of out-of-control corruption and abuse.

My personal commitment is, without reservation or surrender, to shine as much light of truth as I can about what has happened to all of us, for the benefit of all, with what time the Lord gives me.

I need your help and we need each other!

In 2008, I knew this was going to be the fight of my life and that quitting was not an option.

I voluntarily accepted that risk and made the commitment to see the fight through to the end regardless of the cost or personal risk.

For me, as an ex-USAF and USN F4 Phantom pilot and a person who has worked for himself and has managed his own businesses for three decades, I could not stand idly by, knowing what I now know and can prove, and let Our Country, without a fight, be further decimated by those who care not about the harm they do, the carnage they create, the laws they break and the families they destroy.

I committed all my resources and have funded this effort for six years.  God has blessed me and we have gotten much further than the detractors predicted.  After recent developments in the judicial process and with the filing of my Whistleblower Package, I believe the effort has been elevated to a much higher level of demand and scrutiny.

I believe those that do not want the 11,000+ pages of evidence in my possession to be made public are going to do everything possible to keep that evidence from the American people.

We, as Americans and homeowners, cannot allow that to happen.  We have come too far, are too close to the target and after three years in Federal Court, are still alive and standing.

This fight is bigger than any one of us individually, but is not bigger than All of Us together.

As wonderful Americans before us have said, "I have just begun to fight" and "We either stand together or surely we will hang separately."

We must engage the public in every way and together work as Americans to first fight for our rights and then to cause the peaceful, legal and Constitutional implementation of solutions which will preclude this disaster from ever happening again.

There are no guarantees for success.  The only guarantee is that if we don’t commit, fight, try with all our hearts together and pray for strength and guidance, we certainly will lose and, in my opinion, if we do nothing, deserve exactly what we get.

I, for one, am not willing to accept that risk.  I trust and pray you feel as I do.

If you believe this is an honorable and just cause, please reach out and we will respond.  

If you feel it worthwhile and are willing to help with the financial burden, please make whatever donation contribution you deem appropriate and that which will not cause a burden to you or your family.

All donations come directly to me.

I am accountable to you and the buck stops with me.

Donations will be used to support the escalation of our current efforts.   If we, as a collective group, are able to get enough folks to join us, then when collected, these funds will give us the ability to support the efforts of others who need help and contact us.

Each individual situation will be reviewed and, for those who commit and whose facts possess merit, we will do everything we can to assist, support and help them.

I sincerely thank you for your time and may God bless us all in our ongoing and future efforts.

signature of Fregory Morse

What You Can Expect

This website is new and will develop rapidly with weekly updates on our judicial proceedings, progress in our Whistleblower Filing process, Media and Press coverage and as we provide Donation Reports so you can track how we are progressing financially.  

I hope you will come back often to update yourself on our collective progress.

We will be uploading thousands of pages of our downloadable evidence, documents and information for your use.

Comment Sections and interactive Chat capabilities will be added as soon as we can handle it.

After we get our feet under us, I will provide regular financial reports and will update you on funding available to assist others with cases that possess merit.

I want to provide a platform for all of us to come together, get to know one another, talk, spread the word, organize, share ideas, raise money to help as many in need as we can and allow all of you to share your stories such that others in your same situation and with similar fact issues can personally connect with you.

This website will be kept transparent, dynamic, open to all and will represent, as much as is humanly possible, the input of all those who share their ideas for improvement.  Offers to help are greatly appreciated.

Going public as I am is going to create a rollercoaster of pressures and demands that will be both trying and gratifying.  Please understand that we will move as rapidly as possible to expand this, your website.

My Thoughts

This is now a group effort.  To the best of my knowledge, since 2008, this type of mass group effort has not been attempted before so, together, we are blazing a new and difficult trail.

I hope, pray and expect that it will, with your individual help and financial donations, become a national event that will be a benefit to all American homeowners.

Because of what is taking place in the New York Bankruptcy Court, we must quickly join forces, amass resources and publically get to work immediately.

Americans are a great people and we cannot afford to allow ourselves to become anything less.  Please join us.

I guess it goes without saying that I am now totally transparent with my name and address being broadly known, but those risks go with the territory and I can no longer afford the luxury of being concerned.  

We must aggressively put our best foot forward, take a stand and be held accountable if we are to have any realistic hope of stopping this train wreck.  

"Your information will not be released, distributed or sold"


Donations to the Whistleblower Defense Fund may be made by using our PayPal verified donation account or, if you prefer, you can mail your check directly to me made out as indicated below.

Greg Morse - Whistleblower Defense Fund
223 High Point Drive
Murphy, TX 75094

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